Sunday, December 2nd

One Family-Friendly
Worship Service at Each Campus

  • BA Campus @ 10:30
  • Coweta Campus @ 10:02
  • Sapulpa Campus @ 10:30

Join us before the Jingle Jam Experience starts (9 a.m. @ BA & Coweta/9:30 a.m. @ Sapulpa) for lots of fun family festivities including Breakfast  ♦  Christmas Photo Op  ♦  Decorating Christmas Cookies  ♦  Children’s Coloring Corner  ♦  And More!

There will be no children’s programming outside of the Worship Service; instead, this fun “family experience” is designed for all ages.

Click here to sign up for the Jingle Jam Breakfast!

Please sign up here so we’ll know how many to plan on for breakfast.