Ridge Groups

Ridge Groups are our small groups. Small groups are designed to encourage close relationships for Bible study, personal encouragement, and deeper fellowship. Groups meet several times a month on almost every day of the week at various locations throughout the community. They are a great opportunity for your family along with other families to discuss how the Bible relates and applies to your life. You are welcome to join a small group at any time throughout the year, and we can help you get connected into a small group that is right for you. Please contact Bryan Champ if you need assistance or are interesting in joining a Ridge Group.  Text Bryan at: 918-924-5011

What About Children

In an effort to promote children as a part of our small group ministry we encourage each group to determine what best meets the needs of the children in their group. Each Ridge Group handles their own childcare.

Weekday children classes are offered for 2 year old through 5th grade from September through March on Wednesday Evenings. For more details contact Micheal Byrd.

For information on Middle School and High School Small groups click here or contact Kyle Rodell at 254-0621 ext. 2410.

Small Group Leaders Resources

Please contact Bryan Champ if you need assistance or are interesting in leading a Ridge Small Group. If you are one of our Ridge Leaders there are resources available for helping you lead your small group:

  • Regular trainings at the church
  • Weekly Sermon Podcast & Ridge Group Written Materials, available for download in the player below
Show Leader Resources

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