Every Sunday morning at the BA Campus, Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes are available covering various topics and providing the opportunity to study God’s word. For more information concerning any of the ABF groups listed below, please  call the church office, 918-254-0621.
Classes are also available for kids (Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, and Middle & High School).

The following ABF classes are currently offered at the Broken Arrow campus.

9:00 AM  •  Room 345  •  Led by David Long
This class normally focuses on in-depth study of various books of the Bible.

Grace & Truth
9:00 AM  •  Room 301 •  Led by Joe Simmons
You’ll get both Grace and Truth at our Adult Bible Fellowship group. This class contains lots of loving folks, loving instruction, and just plain Bible-based facts with practical application. We seek to increase your passion for the scriptures, and for living out your faith daily. We love it when we have personal testimonies. We often involve ourselves in service projects to evidence out faith by our actions. We are couples and singles, ages are mixed 30-65. You’ll love the class! Most important: You’ll fall more in love with God.

10:30 AM  •  Room 347 •  Led by James Lawrence
As families grow they are confronted with lots of challenges…this is true for people from all stages of life. Whether you are raising young children, experiencing the ‘empty nest’, or simply looking for support in your Christian walk, you will fit right in. Come join us. The coffee and doughnuts are free!

Family of God
10:30 AM  •  Room 348 •  Led by John Winstead

10:30 AM •  Room 301  •  Led by Paul Johnson
This class focuses on Bible study, service and the encouragement and strength that comes from the fellowship we enjoy as part of the church family.

Somewhere In-Between (Women Only)
10:30 AM •  Room 345  •  Led by Nancy Adams
This ABF group is for women in various seasons of life. We come together to study God’s word and encourage one another through life’s experiences. Join us if:

  • You are married or not married
  • You are young or not so young
  • You have many good friends or need more friends
  • You have inner peace & contentment or are living in turmoil & upheaval
  • You are a Godly woman or you have miles to go before getting there

Young and Devoted
10:30 AM  •  Room 346  •  Led by Joey Long
This group is for those who have graduated from High School. This class is designed to make the transition time for young adults easier and a whole lot more fun.