**Take what you need, leave what you can**

A Blessing Box is a small structure where people leave donated goods for others to pick up anonymously. We hope to keep this box filled with items that will help those in need—everything from non-perishable food to toiletries.

If you can help, please look over this list for suggested items to donate. The first nine items have been the most popular and are in need of re-stocking a little more often…

Pop Tarts  •  Cereal  •  Oatmeal  •  Tuna  •  Canned Chicken  •  Rice  •  Mashed Potatoes  •  Mac and Cheese  •  Pasta  •  Granola Bars  •  Peanut Butter  •  Canned Fruit  •  Pudding  •  Applesauce  •  Jello  •  Canned Veggies  •  Ramen Noodles  •  Raviolis  •  Spaghetti O’s  •  Vienna Sausages  •  Shampoo  •  Soap  •  Toothbrush  •  Toothpaste  •  Deodorant