**Take what you need, leave what you can**

Our Blessing Box has been a great way to show Jesus’ love to our neighbors around us. We see young, elderly, and everyone in between utilizing the Blessing Box in our community.

For the month of November, we’re setting a goal of bringing 300 food items to stock our Blessing Box pantry for the holiday season. Please bring any non-perishable food items (see suggestions below) to our donation table in the front lobby by December 1st. You truly are making a difference!

Pop Tarts  •  Cereal  •  Oatmeal  •  Tuna  •  Canned Chicken  •  Rice  •  Mashed Potatoes  •  Mac and Cheese  •  Pasta  •  Granola Bars  •  Peanut Butter  •  Canned Fruit  •  Pudding  •  Applesauce  •  Jello  •  Canned Veggies  •  Ramen Noodles  •  Raviolis  •  Spaghetti O’s  •  Vienna Sausages  •  Shampoo  •  Soap  •  Toothbrush  •  Toothpaste  •  Deodorant