A Blessing Box is a small structure where people leave donated goods for others to pick up anonymously. We hope to fill the box with items that will help those in need—everything from non-perishable food to toiletries.

If you can help, please look over this list for suggested items to donate…

Pop Tarts  /  Cereal  /  Oatmeal  /  Granola Bars  /  Vienna Sausages  /  Tuna  /  Canned Chicken  /  Peanut Butter  /  Canned Fruit
Applesauce  /  Pudding  /  Jello  /  Rice  /  Mashed Potatoes  /  Ramen Noodles  /  Ravioli  /  Spaghetti O’s  /  Mac and Cheese
Pasta  /  Canned Veggies  /  Shampoo  /  Soap  /  Toothbrush  /  Toothpaste  /  Deodorant