Three Steps to Determine My Faith Commitment:

  1. Step 1: Pray
    This is the first and more important step in preparing your heart to respond to God’s call to action. Ask HIM to reveal what sacrifice means to you in regard to the gift you would offer back to Him. List to what He says.
  2. Step 2: Prepare to Sacrifice
    God does not expect equal giving, but He does expect equal sacrifice. Remember these are gifts above and beyond your regular tithes. Think in terms of what you can give.
  3. Step 3: Expect a Miracle
    We serve an Awesome God, so trust that He will provide what He impresses you to give, even if it’s greater than the resources you can readily identify or expect. Leave room for faith in your commitment.

Three Ways to Give:

  1. Give a one-time gift.
    Consider reducing your expenses or deferring a major purchase. Involve your whole family in giving a specific amount above your tithe.
  2. Make a 12-month giving pledge.
    The Bible teaches that spiritual maturity includes developing the habit of regular giving. Giving the first portion of our income shows that God really has first place in our lives. You can also give far more than you thought possible when it is spread out over time. See the giving potential chart below.
  3. Redirect funds from a  paid-off debt.
    Do without something you currently have – restaurant meal, daily coffee, movie, etc.

Giving Potential

A little consistency builds into a sizable amount. Each of us can give more than we think possible by giving it over a 1-year period. Here are some examples:

Given Weekly Given Monthly One-Year Total
$25 $100 $1,200
$50 $200 $2,400
$75 $300 $3,600
$100 $400 $4,800

Online Pledge Form

Click on the tab below to complete your online pledge form. Please call the church office (918-254-0621) with any questions.

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