Elementary Music Camp Special Part Digital Auditions

Music Camp is a week full of Jesus and music! A few kids at camp are ready to put in extra work to have a special part. For students in our Elementary Area, who are completing Kindergarten – 5th Grade, we are glad to offer 3 Areas of Emphasis for their special part. Read this page to your child then ask them to pick one Area of Emphasis – If you can only do one special part at music camp, what one part would you want to do?

Grab your phone, record your child’s 20-second audition video, and upload by 5:00pm, Sunday, May 19th. Only 1 video allowed per child. This very casual recording will help us see each child’s strengths and preferences for casting parts in the play. After auditions, our Music Camp team will cast parts into the musical. Our next contact with you will be around June 1 to let you know what part your child has in the musical.

Let me know if you have any trouble. I’m glad to help.
-Jennie Morgan, Elementary Music Camp Director’s cell (918) 284-1626